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All you need for your home is Quiet Vacuum Cleaners

All you need for your home is Quiet Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaning your home regularly is essential to keep it free from germs and allergies and to keep it looking fabulous. However, the noise produced by the cleaners can make cleaning a much hated and unpleasant chore. Loud vacuum cleaners can be a problem if there are other members in your household. Vacuuming would be a source of disturbance for them and they cannot carry on with their activities like hearing the phone, studying, etc. It is also a source of annoyance when you have a baby in your home, who might be sleeping when you are vacuuming.

Miele S5281 Callisto Canister HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Quiet Vacuum cleaners to choose from

Regular vacuum cleaners can have a noise level of 77 decibels, which is not tolerable for ears. Sounds less than 75 decibels are considered comfortable. Many well-known brands are trying to use technologies to reduce the noise levels, however lowering the noise level to less than 74 decibels is a challenge. Here are some excellent quiet vacuum cleaners to consider:

Electrolux UltraSilencer AUS3965P

Its design includes a sound insulated motor and a silent floor nozzle. As a result, this vacuum cleaner produces a sound of just 68 dB. It is a powerful and highly rated vacuum cleaner which can be bought for $200 to $250.

Samsung Silencio SC9540

By making use of aerodynamic technologies for the shape of fan and motor cover, the sound produced by this cleaner has become as low as 73 dB. Other features like power, weight and filtration are commendable as well. This vacuum cleaner can be bought for just $150.

Hoover S3765-040: Another ultra-quiet vacuum, it has a great suction power and its price can range from $220 to $280.

Tips to Buy Quiet Vacuum Cleaners

Here is some advice to assist you in buying silent vacuum cleaners:

  1. Check the noise levels provided by the manufacturer. Look for appliances with levels less than 75 dB.
  2. If a specific value has not been provided read the reviews provided by the users and check if it is quiet.
  3. Find the model you are considering in a nearby home appliance store and test run it. See if it’s silent.
  4.  If you prioritize the quietness of a cleaner, then choose a cleaner with smaller motor and fans. Larger the size of the moving part, noisier the cleaner.
  5. Canister vacuum cleaners are usually quieter than uprights. Choose canisters for quieter appliances.

Maintain you Vacuum Cleaner to Reduce Noise Levels

If a vacuum cleaner is not maintained well it will get louder with time. If your cleaner has become noisier then it could be because there is debris trapped within the cleaner’s tubes. Due to clogs in the air path, the motor has to work more resulting in higher volumes. Clean all your cleaner tubes and attachment for quiet vacuum cleaners. After long use cleaners also start producing whistling sounds. This noise is usually caused by tears in the vacuum cleaner hose. You need to replace the old hose with a newer one to stop the noise.


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