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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Dyson is one of the leading brands in home appliances. They make use of innovative and advanced technology in their vacuum cleaners, and produce high-performance, easily maneuverable, light-weight vacuum cleaners for all your cleaning needs. This article provides reviews on different Dyson vacuum cleaners models.

DC24- Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Weighing around just around 5.4 kg, this machine is the lightest upright cleaner available. It works on both carpeted and bare floor, and provides a reversible long handle. It makes use of cyclone technology to pull dirt in, and enables easy steering using ball technology. Like all Dyson vacuum cleaners it comes with high-standard HEPA filters which provide protection against allergens.  Not only this, this great work of technology is very powerful as well, which ensures a quick and effortless clean.

Dyson D24

The wondrous lightness of these cleaners means that they can be moved around very easily; you can even clean your stairs using it without any hassle.  These light cleaners make use of a superior motorized brush bar that traps dirt easily from even the thickest carpet with its fast spin. When moving to hard floor the motor switches off making the cleaner excellent for wooden or tiled floor as well. The reversible handle is very long, and can easily reach very hard-to-reach corners or high places; you can even clean the edges of your kitchen walls using it.  The cyclone technology makes use of highly effective centrifugal effect to remove the debris from the air. Therefore, the efficiency of the cleaner is not affected by the dirt trapped in the container. The ball technology enables you to vary the angle of the cleaner’s head without having to turning the whole cleaner around, so cleaning around the corners doesn’t require much endeavor. This model of Dyson vacuum cleaners make use of HEPA filters to remove very small sized particles from the air, which makes the air highly comfortable for anyone with allergies. Including all these spectacular features these cleaners come with a five year warranty, so you can rest assured that your cleaner will serve you for a really long time.

DC34- Powerful Handheld Cleaner

These Dyson vacuum cleaners have incredible suction power when compared to regular handheld cleaners. These cleaners provide are more effective than other handheld cleaners because they rely on cyclone technology and Dyson digital motor. They are durable and robust because as they are made of ABS polycarbonate, material used in riot hamlets.  The recharge system is much more efficient than normal, and has Energy Star qualification. They come with a two year warranty, ensuring much longer life than normal handhelds.

Dyson DC34

Handheld vacuum cleaners are great for a quick cleaning of a spot, but they usually don’t have enough suction power to remove all the dirt particles and pet hair stuck in your carpet or sofa, but Dyson DC34 changes it all. These cleaners are two times more powerful than normal handhelds. Also, the digital motor they avail is three times faster than electrical motors. A motorized brush bar comes with the cleaner’s attachments which enable an excellent clean of your carpets and sofa. With these Dyson vacuum cleaners pet hair won’t be an issue.

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