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Electrolux ErgoRapido Bagless Cordless Vacuum, EL1030A

Economical and Cordless

Elerolux ErgoRapido stick vacuum cleaner is light weight model which is quite handy for a quick cleaning session of bare floors in your home. The reviews on major online shopping sites are evidence of its popularity with the consumers. It is equipped with an easy to empty dust cup and a snap-spring filter. Its bagless design saves you a lot of money spent on expensive replacement bags. ErgoRapido comes with two power settings the higher one for a quick deep cleaning and lower for quieter cleaning.

Major Features

This model boasts some remarkable features which were unknown in previous models. It has an 18 volt Li-ion battery which charges four times faster and can deliver up to 50% more power than the earlier vac models. ErgoRapiod Ion runs at full power from start to finish, which means you won’t experience fading power as in earlier Eletrolux models. It weighs only 5.5lbs which makes it very lightweight so you can easily carry it around the house and compact design makes its storage convenient.

Swivel Head

Another popular feature of E1030A is its swivel head of the floor base which turns at 180 degrees when it is being used as a stick vacuum cleaner. This makes it possible to clean the floors in tricky places like around the legs of furniture, all you have to do is to give it a light twist and it will do the rest. It comes fitted with a headlight on the front which makes it possible to clean hard-to-see places like under the bed and sofas and you can also clean at any time of the day or night.

Some users have reported that it is difficult to move it on thick carpets. So you should keep this in mind while using this model. Apart from this it is an excellent choice for any household.

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