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How to choose the best Upright Vacuum Cleaners?

How to choose the best Upright Vacuum Cleaners?

Upright vacuum cleaners are wonderful home appliances that make cleaning carpets and hard floors trouble-free and effortless. However, with so many different brands and styles of upright cleaners available in the market choosing the best one can be a difficult task. If one isn’t cautious when getting an upright vacuum, cleaning will become a hated household chore.  Make everyday cleaning a breeze by choosing the best upright cleaner.

Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Look for the Features you need

When getting upright vacuum cleaners one should consider whether they are bagged or not, the type of flooring they can work on, the quality of filtration they provide, presence of an indicator to tell you when they are full, and their noise levels.

These cleaners can be bagged or bagless, choosing one over the other is up to you. Bagged cleaners are more hygienic because the bag can be replaced with the new one, however their maintenance requires additional investment and the performance of the cleaner can deteriorate as the more dirt gets trapped within the bag. Bagless vacuums are easier to clean, but with the cost of hygiene.

Upright vacuum cleaners are great for carpeted floors, but many of them come with multi-floor capability. The cleaning head consist of motorized brushes and agitators that trap the dirt from your carpets with their spin. The rolling brushes can be harmful for your wooden or hard floor, so one should be able to turn off the brushes. The height of the base containing the brushes should be adjustable to transition between different types of flooring.

If anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, then upright vacuum cleaners must provide high standard filtration. Choose the cleaners that come with HEPA filters that can even trap the smallest of debris and particles.

A capacity indicator can be a great device to let you know when your cleaner needs cleaning. Ensure that the cleaner you choose has one to make maintenance simpler. Another important factor is the noise produced by your vacuum. Go for silent vacuums for more pleasant cleaning.

It Always Comes Down to Design

The weight, maneuverability, compactness, length of power cord, cleaning path length, and presence of headlights are some basic qualities to help you discriminate and decide.

No matter how many fascinating features the upright vacuum cleaners may have, the aptness of the cleaner’s design for your household can be an immense deciding factor. Choose the cleaner with lower weight for easier movement. It is an essential consideration if you need to carry the cleaner from floor to floor. The cleaner should also enable easy steering; one should be able to change the angle of the cleaning head without any trouble to reach narrower places. The path length should be wide as well to ensure faster completion. Headlights to identify dirty areas and to use the cleaner in darker spaces can be a very handy feature as well. The power cord should be long enough to facilitate relaxed cleaning in all the corners of your home.

With these essential characteristics in mind, choosing excellent upright vacuum cleaners will become a much simpler task.

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