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Litter Free Home Thanks To Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum


Compact and Rechargeable Hoover LINX Upright

The cordless design of this vacuum cleaner has made cleaning while moving around the house an effortless experience. You get rid of unplugging and re-plugging the cleaner when vacuuming from one room to another and the annoyance of winding and unwinding of power cords. This design imparts some health benefits as well. If your backbone aches with bending then cordless cleaner will be a real lifesaver. Being light weight, just around 7 pounds, it can be easily carried around the home. Usually vacuum cleaning involves other arduous tasks along with cleaning like plugging, unplugging, dragging the unit between different floors. But a cordless cleaner like this makes sure that you do only the core job, thus saving you a lot of time.

Hoover LINX cleaner has very easy maneuverability as it has a slim head, which makes it possible to fit it under the counters and furniture.


A bagless cleaner’s main advantage is that it does not require vacuum bags, thus saving you from a lot of additional expanse. But there is something extra which you will have to do, in order to keep the cleaning power of bagless cleaner intact.

If you have operated bagless cleaner in the past, you will do fine with the cleaning of dust cup. But there is a possibility that you might get your hands dirty in the process of cleaning filters or you might need yet another vacuum cleaner to clean them as they are not washable.

However, emptying and cleaning dust cup of Hoover LINX is absolutely easy. The dust cup can be easily removed from the bottom. The filter in this cleaner is spongy filter, that is reusable. This filter is washable so you don’t need to worry about it anymore. If the filter becomes uneatable after extensive use, it has a replacement available that can be use to replace it.

What is not to Like

At over $100 for a stick vacuum cleaner LINX is a rather expensive vacuum cleaner. It is also hard to use this vacuum cleaner on stairs and other steep surfaces because of its height.

Efficient Carpet Cleaning

No competitor comes close to the enormous suction power of Hoover LINX Stick Cleaner. The reason for this is the Windtunnel Technology which Hoover patented along with a strong 18 volts Lithium battery. In this technology the power of rotating brushes and three suction tunnels is employed to retrieve the dust particles from carpets and other such elusive surfaces. Hoover LINX easily sucks up car litter, sand, crumbs fur etc. It has a motorized head that be turned on to speed up the cleaning on flat surfaces. The brush roll motor is accessible from the top of stick so it can be easily turned on or off. On thick plush carpets it is very difficult to perform deep cleaning but Hoover LINX will definitely make them look cleaner. Over all its an ideal choice for pet owners and homes with children.

Hardwood floors, carpets, rugs and other surfaces like these make no difference to Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

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