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Top Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Technological innovations have revolutionized the home appliances. Nowadays manufacturers are focusing on developing appliances which can do house chores in quickest and in most effortless way. Let us take Vacuum Cleaners. In the past they used to be heavy, noisy and riddled with cords. But nowadays lightweight and cordless models are gaining ground. Here is why they are becoming increasingly popular.


In the past it was thought that bigger appliances perform better but this has changed altogether. Now smaller appliances work with as much power as their bigger counterparts and perform even better in certain ways, the same is the case with cordless models. They come with tremendous sucking power and can clean virtually any type of surface.


These types of cleaners are incredibly small as compared to the conventional cleaners and are very lightweight. Which means you can easily clean around the house without getting tired.


They are usually far cheaper than the bigger models. You can easily find an appealing design from a wide range of models even though you won’t have to pay a great deal.

Given the above criteria we have reviewed some top-end cordless vacuum cleaners below which you will find useful for a wide range of requirements.

Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum

Hoover LINX Cordless Stick is probably the best of its kind with price being a major factor which is just $150, dirt cheap for such a quality item. It is equipped with an interchangeable 18 volt Li-ion battery which is fully charged in just three hours. The battery gives fade-free power and boasts energy star rating. Not only cordless, this cleaner is also bagless which makes sure that you have a clean and convenient cleaning experience. The weight of just over 7 pounds makes cleaning as easy as pie rather than being a workout with a bigger one.

Dyson DC35

Dyson DC35 is a stick cordless vacuum cleaner which can effectively clean literally every type of floors. It consists of a detachable long wand, a cleaner head and a brush tool. It is powered by a digital motor and employs Root Cyclone technology which gives it an outstanding suction power.

Electrolux ErgoRapido Bagless Cordless Vacuum, EL1030A

This Electrolux vacuum cleaner has a lot of plus points. In most households it is usually bought as a temporary replacement but cements it place as a permanent cleaning solution. With a weight of just 5.5lbs it is very light weight and carrying it around the house is no problem. It is bagless and far cheaper than the other models of the kind.  It is equipped with a unique 2-in-1 technology which makes it possible to use it as a stick vacuum cleaner or it can be converted into a handheld cleaner.

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