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Ultimate Cleaning Power in Cordless Dyson DC35 Slim Vacuum Cleaner

Cheap price does not always guarantee optimum performance. Sometimes we buy things which are a little more costly than normal but their performance and the fact that they last way long justifies their price. Well, Dyson’s DC35 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is on such item. It costs 299$.

Most Expensive and Best Performing Dyson

Cordless for Ultimate Flexibility:

It is a stick vac which means it is not a full-sized vacuum cleaner. Since it is cordless, you can grab it and move around the house quite easily. One benefit of such vacs is that while cleaning you don’t feel that you’re doing a tiresome chore as one feels with heavier units of this kind. Though it comes with a long wand but can also be used without it, which makes it more flexible than an upright vacuum. Dyson’s Redix Cyclone technology gives it powerful suction which makes it ideal for deep cleaning of rugs, car mats, seats and carpets.

Special Ingredients

It is fitted with a 22.2 volt Lithium ion battery. The battery gets fully charged in 3 hours which is a great plus in itself as others take as much as a whole night. It has Dual Power mode which gives 15 minutes of constant high suction. This much time is more than enough to vacuum a normal sized house. The other option is to turn on 6 minutes MAX Power if you want a deep cleaning session of your home. In this mode it will suck even the last dust particle out of your home and will afford you a truly remarkable dust free environment.

No product is perfect, there are always some grounds for betterment and this vac is no exception. Though its remarkable features give a decent trade-off still it is important to cons as well so that you will make an educated choice. Its price is the first deterring factor which is quite higher than the alternatives available. Cordless vacs are usually lightweight but this one is a little heavier, which makes it somewhat hard on hand or wrist which means you will be changing hands quite often while using this gadget. It does not have an “on/off” button but a trigger which has to be kept squeezed when in use, this might induce sore hand or wrist. Its electrical cord is shorter than requirement. Power points are usually on the floor but it’s docking station is high which either you’ll have to keep the docking station very close to the power point or you better arrange an extension cord to charge it conveniently.

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